This summers galactic big bang – ringside seats not recommended

The folks at NASA are predicting a cosmic scale explosion in the stars this summer. You just need to know where to look. Stikky has the answer.

Thermonuclear explosions sound terrifying! You could witness this massive event as it sheds harmless light across our own planet if you know where to look.

NASA announced a "Once-in-a-lifetime cosmic explosion is likely this summer”

There will be updates in the coming months about when to look but if you don't know where to look the chances of witnessing this event are almost zero.

NASA gave us the top tip to "look toward Vega, the fifth-brightest star in the night sky”. Located about 25 light-years from Earth, Vega is easily identifiable and serves as an excellent reference point for stargazers.

Look toward Vega? Vegas is probably somewhere you could find easily but Vega not so much? Interestingly enough scientists also discovered a giant cloud of alcohol in the same area. Enough for everyone on earth to drink 100 pints a day for a trillion years. Not so different from Vegas after all.

Maybe you have an app that will identify Vega and you could try and explain which star your friends should be looking at. Or perhaps you could spend a few minutes with Stikky Night Skies and be able to say. You see Cygnus.

The constellation that represents Zeus turning himself into a swan to woo some hot goddess. Well just in front of his left wing you can see a much brighter star. That's Vega!

In that same few minutes being able to identify Vega you will learn about the Big Dipper and how to identify which way is north, Cassiopeia a mythical queen of Ethiopia and who it was that Zeus felt so inclined to turn himself into a swan for. 

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Link to NASA announcement