Stikky Tracks cover. Learn how to identify 14 animals from their tracks, poop, and other signs - in just one hour.
“A completely new type of tracking book”
JONAH EVANS, biologist, expert wildlife tracker, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Stikky Tracks


If you’ve ever…

  • felt bored on a hike,
  • wondered what woodland creatures are crisscrossing your path,
  • wanted to know if there are bears in the area,
  • wished to impress with your wilderness wisdom

then Stikky Tracks is for you. It uses a unique learning method to bring a fascinating topic to anyone with a little time. We spent hours with test readers refining it to be sure it will work for you.

In just an hour, you’ll know how to identify 14 animals from their tracks, poop, and other signs. You’ll be able to step outside and apply what you’ve learned—right away.

Illustrations on every page make understanding easy.

Stikky Tracks Stikky books
Stikky Tracks Stikky books
Stikky Tracks Stikky books

Snackable. Topics are broken down into easy-to-digest bites.

How to identify animal tracks: American black bear
How to identify animal tracks: dogs
How to identify animal tracks: deer

No note-taking. No studying. Just mini-quizzes.

Stikky Tracks Stikky books
Stikky Tracks Stikky books
Stikky Tracks Stikky books

Approved by experts.

“The world of animal tracks is fascinating and complex. However, for those who are just starting out, most field guides can be overwhelming. Stikky Tracks is a completely new type of tracking book. Instead of long descriptions containing hundreds of details about dozens of species, the approach is tailored to how we humans learn. This book makes it much easier to start along the path of learning tracking by teaching major principles about the most commonly encountered species and using humor and clever mnemonic devices to make the process enjoyable.”
Jonah Evans

biologist, expert wildlife tracker, and creator of iTrack Wildlife apps,

“An engaging and thoughtfully-designed introduction to the world of wildlife tracking for folks of all ages! ”
David Moskowitz

expert wildlife tracker, photographer, and author of Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest,

“Stikky Tracks takes a clear, creative, and life-like approach to learning to interpret tracks and sign. Never before has a quick-guide been so useful: by combining illustrations and photographs from professional trackers with a unique and easy-to-follow format, the guide makes learning not only fun, but memorable and applicable even under difficult tracking conditions. It has the desired effect of actually making anyone--regardless of age--a better tracker simply by reading through it.”
Casey McFarland

Senior Tracker and International Evaluator, CyberTracker Conservation,

“Stikky Tracks is a great way to learn tracking. You gradually build up your skill until you can confidently point out the characteristics of the tracks of each species. This is how trackers naturally learn in the field, while examining animal signs. As a professional tracker, I wish I’d had something like this when I started out. I highly recommend the Stikky method for learning track identification.”
Kim A. Cabrera

CyberTracker Conservation Track and Sign Specialist, Beartracker Nature Films,

Extensive Next Steps section so you can build on your new knowledge.

Animal track patterns and gaits: walk, trot
Other animal identification signs: nests, burrows and dens

Durable and beautiful. Made by designers not eggheads.

Canine animal tracks: dog, red fox, coyote, gray wolf

Product Details

Price :  $12
ISBN :  979-8-9878914-1-4
Publisher :  Laurence Holt Books, Inc
Publication date :  November 1, 2023
Language :  English
Weight :  14 ounces
Dimensions :  7.00 x 5.00 x 0.75 inches
Print length :  256 pages

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